Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My View on a new President..

This is my own view as a person, an individual. This is not the view of the military or a Soldier, my view as an American, taxpaying citizen. (Just making myself clear and covering bases)

I have watched the Democratic Primaries slide back and forth from Barack to Hillary and then last night my biggest worry/fear came true and I have this nervous feeling about it. John McCain is now the Republican Presidential candidate. WOW he's worse than what we have now for a President and if he wins the whole thing we are in for another long 4 years and with the way things are now what will our future hold as Americans? It's honestly scary to me, I mean look at the issues we are facing now recession is looking like the wave of the future, gas prices, the price of everything is going up and most important of all the war. McCain is a true supporter of keeping us in Iraq and I personally disagree with that.

It's time for an end and time for a change and if its Barack or Hillary I will vote either way but we do not need another Bush in the White House we need someone who will make this country better and lead us to a better future. If you have children or grandchildren you need to vote for a change in the future. McCain will not give Americans change it will be the hell we've been living for the last 8 years. I want my daughter to grow up like I grew up not worrying about problems and current issues that adults worry about. These days too many children ask if we will be at war forever, that's all they know because that's all they see and here.

I'm voting for the best candidate the person who will make the biggest change in America and the biggest change me. I do not care if they are white, black, red yellow or green. I don't care if they are male or female I just want someone who will lead us in the right direction for the right reasons.


liza c said...

I think everyone has the same hope like yours. I'm pretty sure that God will stretch his arms for a fair election... and we'll have a good president.. =)

Anonymous said...

My name is Michael W. Callegan. I am Sgt. Buddy James Hughie's father-in-law. Or I guess I was... as you know Buddy was KIA in Afghanistan on Feb 19, 2007.

Since some of what I wrote was used in this blog back then I figured I would try a first hand post to see if it meets the light of day.

My views are very different from (civilian) Larkin's. I am glad that Mr. Larkin made it home safe and sound for his husband and daddy duties. Truely I am.

However, what baffles me are those in the military (like Mr. Larkin) who volunteer for service then complain when they are actually called to perform that for which they volunteered. If those who were surpriseed by the fact that they, as military personnel, have to actually do more than train two days a month and two weeks a year for their pay check find this duty to dangerous then get out.

To consider voting for a politician who is aspiring for the office of Commander in Chief who's stated tactics is to give (publically) a withdrawal date to our enemies is just plain stupid.

Imagine if you are on "the front lines" and a politician is elected who has vowed to pull our troops out of Iraq in three months. Imagine the parties the enemies will be having (apparently right along with you). How would that be for the service members who are not on the first plane out? Presumably more dangerous. More dead soldiers. But what the heck we are getting out, go ahead and sacrifice some more husbands, daddies and mommies. After all the goal now is to just get the troops out. The enemy knows the time line.

I believe this is the first time in history that the US military has given such notice of surrender.

You mention Senator McCain and say that he is the same as Bush. I beg to differ sir. If Bush and/or Rumsfeld would have done the troop surge the very first time Senator McCain suggested it we would have more husbands, daddies and mommies home (like you are) with their spouses and kids.

Sure Senator McCain has his issues. So do the other candidates. My family has the propensity to recover from anything.... except death. Death is pretty final. We have experienced our American hero being KIA. Nothing we can do now but honor his memory by supporting the candidate who has demonstrated time and again his committment to the troops and Veterans. Senator McCain has not given lip service to our troops and Veterans. He has children in the military and his experience and wisdom in and with the military tells me that he is more likely to be a bit more cautious getting US into wars and if there is war it will be run more to win than to please the polls.

You mentioned change in your post. Change for the sake of change can be dangerous. Let's be a bit more specific about this change and how it will be paid for.

Regarding Monica Lewinsky's ex-boy friend's wife; if former President William Jefferson Clinton would have taken even ONE of the THREE opportunities to "take out" BinLaden 9/11 would not have happened! We wouldn't even be in Iraq! Clinton put our troops in the Balkins. I see no mention here about that. Is that okay since it was a Democrat President?

It appears that there is more care in your post for a political party than for your brothers and sisters in arms.

Finally, if you don't like your job (which is, let's face it, to break things and kill people) then get another job.

I really don't expect you to publish this. At least give Buddy the respect HE deserves for giving his life and think about it.