Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Backpacks and Kids

Well its been a few days and the last few have been really busy. On Sunday we loaded our Ford Rangers with backpacks full of school suplies for kids at 2 kindergartens. After a ride through down town Kabul (Grand Theft Auto: Kabul) we got to the first school and were greated with smiles and hugs. This was the first time I have seen women working and they seemed to be doing a great job. We handed out around 50 bags and had a meeting with the director of the school. After awhile in the meeting I wondered around the school just watching the kids and missing Bayleigh more and more as I watched the kids play and work. I handed out candy to the kids and recieved a well spoken "thank you". And for the first time snapped a picture of the little girls who usually run away from us. When I went back to the meeting the teachers brought us lunch was very good (I dont think the Afghans know how to cook a bad meal) and come to find out the teachers put their money together to buy and fix lunch. They don't really have 2 dimes to rub together but they fixed us lunch just to show us how much they appreciate us.

Our next school was just the same they were so happy to see us and so happy for us to give what they dont have. I went into a back room (the nap room) and saw a little boy with bright red hair and too many freckles to count, too cute.

Yesterday we finally moved into our perminant barracks and its pretty comfy like a little apartment microwave, fridge, coffee pot, and my single burner I brought from home. Its nice to get settled in and unpack everything its tough living out of a duffel bag and not being able to find anything.

And today we went down to Camp Warehouse a camp with lots of foreign armies Germany, Italy, France (frechie) and several others. Im getting pretty good at the driving and actually having fun doing it (a little scared at first) but you see so much and everybody wants to wave and see the Americans. After a meeting there we moved on to KMTC (Kabul Military Training Center) its were they train the ANA (Afghan National Army). What a Fourth of July huh oh and tonight we get ice cream and bbq chicken. Not sure if I would rather be at home or here. ; )

It's nice though helping out another country and serving in the military and celebrating our independince all at the same time. So while your having your picnics and days at the beach or what ever your doing back home remember us and what we're doing and who we're doing it for. Happy 4th Everyone

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