Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Well its getting hotter and the wind is picking up they call it the 120 day wind and its the truth.

We have been really busy here lately hence the lack of blogs. This past weekend we went to a Infectious Disease Hospital (the bird flu is alive and well in Afghanistan). We handed out about 4 thousand dollars of medical equipment we purchased from a downtown pharmacy. The hospital is lacking in US standards. They use tents to treat incoming patients and that tent may be were they stay depending on the severity of the disease.

When we pulled up to a hospital a little girl was sitting and waiting with her mother at the entrance. She was so timid and scared of me as I watched her peek around the corner of the bench and smile and jerk back. I had a pocket full of twizlers so I used them as bait so she wouldn't be so scared of us. After about 10-12 twizlers later she would run up and ask for more unlike the boys they'll take it without asking. I really feel sorry for the girls not sure if its the soft spot having a daddys girl or what but they have really had it rough and are still fighting for their rights.

We unloaded everything and left I got a little waive and a quick duck back under the bench but maybe I warmed her up not to be scared of us soldiers.

Today was another trip to the school were building. Checking on the progress they are coming along very well and now we are gonna see what we can do to look into some donations of playground equipment (please let me know if you have any ideas) we will pay for shipping just looking for a school or community that has some to give up. Took a few pictures of kids with flags always a great picture. Then I made the mistake of handing stuff out in a crowd of kids not really the best thing to do.

We have finally made it to an office so maybe I can keep this thing up to date more than I do. Im glad ya'll like reading this. If I can't tell you face to face I hope you know how proud it makes me feel to get the boxes from home full of stuff for the kids you guys are great so thank you for what you do and I know you're doing it for us but the kids are just grateful to get it period......

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