Friday, August 04, 2006

Catching Up!!!!!

Well everyone has been griping about me not updating my blog as often so I will let you know how things have been the last couple weeks.. We received a large amount of money to help out with projects in Kabul, we are working on 2 schools a clinic, repairing some roads and building a foot bridge over one of the busiest roads in Kabul. We’ve had several meeting with the elders here lately over what they think is the most important things to fix. Of course they all want the school and footbridge at the top of our list so that’s what we’re shooting for.

We really haven’t been into town a whole lot lately a few times we are just busy trying to get bids and land to build the projects. We had a groundbreaking ceremony last week at the Infectious Disease Hospital (IDH). We are adding 5 b-huts to replace the several tents in that are used to treat patients and our out in the open. We also donated several boxes of scrubs to IDH along with 4000 dollars worth of medical supplies.

Last week I took probably one of the worst trips of my life (scared to death). We went to another village in Afghanistan it’s about an hour there on a good paved route. Lots too see this was a really beautiful drive (on the way there) then on the way back we took a different route 4 hours back on one of the worst roads I’ve ever been on no guard rail not even some dirt pushed the side to make a guard rail. We were 8 thousand feet up and if you know me you know how horrified I am of heights. I was clinching the steering wheel and every time we passed a corner another semi (jingle truck) would come as close to me as they possibly could and I can’t tell you how many times I came about a foot from the ledge. After about a 2 hour climb we finally desended down and I was able to “unpucker” and relax. I saw a lot maybe more than I wanted to see but enough mountain and rugged terrain to last me a whole year.

Last week we also went to the former Queen of Afghanistan’s Mansion. This place was still amazing even though it was built back during the 20’s and survived several wars, its still one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. It is so difficult seeing how crumbled and destroyed the palace is now and wishing I could see it during its hay day. Looking down you could see the court yard and tell this was once one of the most beautiful places in Afghanistan. Now ridden with bullet holes, and ransacked for anything any everything including toilets. I have tried finding pictures online to see just how great it was but I’m still unsuccessful. Maybe you will have better luck..

Most of you know last Sunday was my birthday!!! Wasn’t all that great being here but the guys made it the best they could for me. My interp got me a birthday cake (bananas and pineapple) very good and it made it a lot better than just sitting around and missing home. You always miss home the most on the days you deem important in your life (anniversary, birthdays, holidays) it gets tough and I’m really dreading Christmas my first one away from my family actually my first one away ever. I hope it flies by and they don’t make a huge deal out of it here, because its not were a big deal HERE, we’re stuck in a place most of us don’t want to be at that time of the year but we gotta make the best of it or we will all be miserable.

Well I guess I’ll sign off for now and try to keep this up to date more I don’t wanna let my “Blog Fans Down” Take care back home I miss you all..

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