Saturday, August 05, 2006


Ok first I want to start out with something that sruck my attention and really really got me pissed off and iritated especially after the day I had today. (Heres a little excert from the email I sent this "wonderful American" I found on Here is the link to his

"I dont know who this is but your an idiot!! Honestly do you really find any of that funny.. Of all the people you could make a profile about and say shit about how the military cant find him, you really are a "mo-ron" (A person of mild mental retardation having a mental age of from 7 to 12 years and generally having communication and social skills enabling some degree of academic or vocational education) ... Congrats!!!

You have no idea how many Americans and Oklahomans have gave their blood sweat and tears in Afghanistan (including myself) to help out this country that was punished by the Taliban.

When you leave your humble abode of Madill, Ok you can say whatever you want and be as much of a moron as you like. All I ask is that you really know what your talking about and if you really want to appreciate someone please pick someone other than a Taliban.

Now I'll stop waisting my time on worthless people as your self I have better things to do like help the people of Afghanistan.

Ok now back to my day!!

We started out pretty early this morning and headed out to do a MED-CAP (we organize a "clinic" in a village using the medics and the help of the locals) Today was actually the first one we have done since we've been here. We set up at a locals house which is very large and expensive. We treated about 100 patients men women and children. We started out and I was playing with some of the kids that will be living in the house as soon as its finished. I was having a pretty good time doing what my Dad (Scott) does for Bayleigh when someone is at the Hospital. Scott takes a glove and blows it up or i put it on Bays head and she has to have about 10 rubber gloves. Well I took about 5 gloves and made "balloons" and drew a face on it using the thumb as a nose. The kids loved it running around chasing the other kids with them. While I was blowing them up I would let the air out in their face and they would just giggle thinking that was the greatest thing ever.

After awhile of that and walking around taking pictures a man brought in a little girl (the girl in purple in the guys arms) she is 1 and very very malnutritioned her fingers were no bigger than a straw. Probably one of the most difficult things Ive seen here so far. She was so timmed and shy so one of the medics gave her a bear almost bigger than her. She just sat there looking around at everyone as they treated her and she was just so cute and sweet I wanted to take her home and give her what she wasnt getting here in Afghanistan.

It was all pretty tough today the medics treated so many malnuritied children and children with all kinds of problems. I stood and watched as one little boy who looked no more than 3 months probably 3 years he just laid in in moms arms looking lifeless and so weak he could even wave the flys from his face. This is so so sad and all I could think about (what I think about everyday) bayleigh and how I could never let Bayleigh get any where near that bad (thinking this mom was a bad mother) but then I watched another little girl getting water out of a well and saw what looked like Lake Texoma water running into a bottle, the little girl carried back over to her mom and she tipped it up and drank it like it was straight Dasani. Its just tough remembering sometimes what these people go through then I cant imagine going through it myself. They are defanaitlty stronger than I would ever be, I would have given up by now.

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