Sunday, June 25, 2006

High School

Today was just as amazing as the last. We went to check on the progress of a local High School that we are building. We locate the area look for a good contractor and give him the money to build it so the money stays in Kabul along with other stipulations. The school was coming along great considering the lack of power tools (none) and the amazing hard bare handed work done by the locals, they live, eat and pray in the school until its built.

About 3 months ago the school was a sewage site they have cleaned it up (to afghan standards) and continued on. I watched kids play on old swings and see saws that really don't have much of a saw left. I'm down about 20 ink pens or so but made a new friend, Hamiid a 12 year old boy who spoke English better than most Oklahomans do. Very friendly and helpful with all the other children letting me know what they were saying to me and what they wanted backsheesh (gift) toop (ball) along with several other things. He impressed, me over 80% of the country is illiterate and this 12 year old boy is caring on a conversation with me.

Im excited about my job (CERP Official) Commanders Emergency Relief Projects we get to deal first hand with the reconstruction of Afghanistan and helping out with the well being of the children the innocent ones. (Im sounding like the Sally Struthers "With only a penny a day") but I feel real passionate about this and can't wait to get back out..

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