Friday, June 30, 2006

Note to self Afghan food is great just worry about the side effects.

Yesterday we took a walk to the back side of Kabul to look at a Mosque in need of repairs. This was a nice walk we usaully drive in the LTV (Light Tactical Vehicle) or (Ford Ranger Pick Up). We got to spend the whole time amongst the locals so a good first hand view of the village. We walked past the buildings constucted of mud and hay. Several trash pits and a line of sewage that ran back through an alley were kids and adults both walk to school work and to the Mosque we were visiting.

The problems with the Mosque were what you expected from a building thats been standing before I was born. The roof leaks, walls are crumbling, theres no room to pray, they also wash their feet before praying and they need a better area to do that. Lots of work but thats what were here to do.

While at the Mosque I met too younger guys maybe my age wrestling with each other and dying for a picture. It reminded me so much of my friends and I back home how much we play and goof off, they really are no different from us just in a bad situation.

After leaving the Mosque we walked back through the alley, trying to catch a picture of the beautiful little girls. I hate to put it this way but if these girls had the chance to live an American life they would be your next models. Green eyes some with red hair, its just like the the picture on the cover of the National Geographic in the 70's. The girls take off running scared of us or men in general.

We get to the location where we want to meet with the elders, and this place is amazing for Afghanistan and being the first time ive seen grass its was amazing for me. We go inside and sit down like all the rest of the times have tea, fresh water mellon, and grapes. After awhile one of the medics we bring along starts taking care of some of the people. He treats one man with asthma another with shoulder problems and a handful more.

While the "improtant people" were inside I staied and played with the children. Taking pictures running out of pens and begged to death for my watch or knife. I kept them happy with the pictures one of the boys was wanting the camera as a gift offering me 30 Afghanis for it, 50 Afghanis is equal to 1 us dollar.

All in all just another day in Afghanistan seeing the wrongs this country has been forced to deal with is unbeleaveable to say the least. I don't think I could ever stop helping the Afghans.

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