Sunday, June 25, 2006


Yesterday was my first day in town AMAZING!!! The pictures the movies its nothing like being here. This is a 3rd world country and you can tell that from the first few minutes of the airplane. Yesterday we went to a part of Kabul were the people are asking for a new Mosque (church). This one has holes in the roof, no lighting, no running water. It would be like all of us living back in the 1800's that's the way these people live and have no idea its different in other areas. This Mosque was made for about 100 people or so and the Village is about 100 strong to say the least. While Major Roper (my boss) was visiting with the Elders (like a mayor or Representative) I was visiting with several kids about 16-18 years old. Maybe all of them together knew enough English to make a paragraph if that. But they treated me great and were very friendly. I gave them a pack of Orbit gum and they didn't know how to take it they're used to regular bubble gum so I showed them and they wanted to know if it was from America so to them it was a 5 star candy. Another young boy asked me for my ink pen. I carry about 4 on me at a time so as I handed out my first one you would of thought I was giving away gold. These kids think pens are the greatest thing we could give them and they wont loose them or throw them away they keep them till the ink is gone. You know we throw them out if we don't like them or the slightest sign of no ink its trash.

that's how I take the kids here they appreciate everything we give them and anything we can do for them. We take so much for granted back home and these people use and reuse what ever they can get their hands on. This little boy was dying for me to take his picture and show him, thumbs up.

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