Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Fuzz!

First off I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday, we had a mission last till about 2:00pm and then we got back to camp the power was out. No power no Internet. So anyway just wanted to let all of you guys know that so I didn’t have any disappointed fans!! LOL

Well on Sunday we had our 10th Med Cap for the Police Officers and the family members of Afghan Police Dept. 9 here in Kabul. We also took out a lot of clothing and shoes but that turned out to be a little disappointing. I guess this was possibly one of our worst ones. We had WAY to many (military) people there that we like to call “strap hangers” they go somewhere just to be there, they serve no real purpose besides getting in the way. So as far as the clothing and shoes, well that went good but I only gave away maybe 20 pairs of shoes because that is all the kids we really saw at the Police Department. From what Ricky told me it’s somewhat Afghan Culture to not bring your wife or family around where you work. So for most of the Policemen they didn’t bring any of their family and we saw very little kids and women. A few of the medics were a little discouraged because we treated the Afghan National Police (ANP) instead of a village. The deal is that most of these ANP make $15.00 a month starting out and the Chief makes just $80.00. So these guys do a huge public service and they make little to no money and have sometimes 7-10 family members they will support on that 15 dollars. There are a lot of ANP who are possibly corrupt but isn’t that true in the States as well. So if these guys can get the things they need and don’t use their small pay check on medicine and clothes than maybe they will not take bribes or steal from villagers. There are officers in big cities making double in hour what the ANP make in a month. And those guys are getting bribes or letting crimes slide buy. So tell me who are the real crooks?

We are however planning a big clothing drop for a small kindergarten in a couple weeks so I plan on giving away lots of clothes for these kids. There will also be another big Med Cap soon and hopefully some more kids will be out to get some shoes that all of you wonderful Americans have bought for them. So in the next few weeks we are trying to get rid of all of our clothes and supplies we have. Like I said in my last Blog I keep getting boxes and boxes from everyone supporting my Quest!! It’s great to see the support from everyone and see how everyone wants to help out a poor country and help a guy they have never met before. Thank you all so much for everything!!

We are also planning a big Vet Cap, we plan on taking out a few Army Veterinarians and us them and a few Afghan Vets to treat the local Afghan animals. Goats, sheep, cows, chickens and hopefully some camels (might be pretty cool) so that should be an interesting show for most of us Okies. If anyone has suggestions or anything we may want to add for this Vet Cap let me know I’m always open to suggestions. Well thanks again for everything everyone is doing for me and I hope you all keep everything coming!! Enjoy!


Flag Gazer said...

That's too bad you didn't have as many children as you hoped - but I see some smiles, nonetheless!!

Bag Blog said...

I was doing a little blog surfing today and came across your blog through Milblogs. Just wanted to say howdy and hope all is well. I live in Duncan, OK, and things are cold here. I think I will ear-mark you and follow your journey, if you don't mind.