Monday, February 12, 2007

Update! Stay tuned

First off I will update my Blog tomorrow and let you all know how the MED CAP went on Sunday and how much of the clothes went out. But for right now I just want to let everyone know how great everyone has been!!

So far since I put the info on my Blog I have received over 20 boxes of clothes and shoes. I went to pick up mail today and had about 12 boxes just for me. The mail handlers where a little upset but hey who cares about them right!! LOL Most of the boxes were from Peggy Durden who (thanks to the people of Collinsville) donated a huge chunk of money for the Afghan Children Fund. I have also received boxes from Cynthia Heeren in Oregon. So I just wanted to say thanks SO SO much for all the support so far and I hope to see more coming soon. I’ve received tons of email almost everyday from people wanting to donate something. So again thanks so much everyone and don’t forget to check the Blog tomorrow for an update and some pics!!

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Flag Gazer said...

So glad to know that boxes are arriving and donations are coming in! We look forward to the posts on the MEDCAP. (I'd like to hear about the VETCAP, too, if you have time!)

Thank you for letting us be a part of this!