Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Just an Update.

Well a few months left, you have no idea how great its starting to feel that we are on the down hill slope. We made it through the Holidays, it wasn't as bad as what I expected I mainly missed Bayleigh opening her presents and just my family the most I could care less about getting any presents this year I just wanted to see all of them.. All I know is next year we all better get every Holiday off from our Civilian jobs or I will be highly upset. Its one thing to work on Thanksgiving and be able to go home that night or even be home for the lunch and its another to not even be there at all.. We all take advantage of stuff and when we don't get everything were used to at home we notice it and it opens a lot of eyes. So everyone else can work for all of us when we get home just let us have our time..

Well things haven't been all that busy around here (notice the lack of BLOGs) I guess I could just start putting my everyday thoughts and experiences on here so you can atleast have something to read, God knows you all are tired of reading about politics and the war and everything else in the country.

We have done a few MEDCAPs and working on a few HA drops (humanitarian Assistance) we have been over whelmed with boxes from people willing to donate clothes and jackets for the cold winter months over here. Thanks to Chaplain Werner and his wife and mother along with a few other people from Pennsylvania, Dean Beebe, Scott and Karen Myers we have received numerous boxes from PA full of clothing items. Also in Oklahoma a wonderful lady by the name of Marianne Bacharach has been sending tons of clothing and winter items many of which were her kids when they were younger. She also started a BLOG on blogger she is a wonderful person and this just shows you we have wonderful people put there who still do great things and are willing to help out anyone they can.. Also I received a few boxes thanks to "Mac" from the Indianola Baptist Church, they were filled with suckers and candy, Ill be honest I had a few of the suckers, but who can turn down a dum dum? We made sure what we didn't eat was handed out to kids here in Kabul at the Aziz School and at our last MEDCAP so thank you for the candy!!! I want to thank all of you for sending out all this stuff you guys are amazing and I can't thank you enough.

Well I guess I will wrap this up thanks again for everything and Ill see if I can keep things going a little more on here so I don't have to get gripped at by a certain person..!!!

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