Thursday, January 25, 2007

Shoes!! Are you willing to help?

Well another MedCap this week and so far our biggest one seeing over 700 patients. It was probably one of the smoother ones and for the first time we used a dentist who pulled several teeth and handed out toothpaste and toothbrushes for the kids. Thinking back now I didn’t take one picture of the dentist working on his patients... I will be in trouble when Maj. Roper figures that out but maybe he will forget to look at the pics. I did however hand out some toys that were sent to me by Diane Henryson from Pennsylvania. You can see the picture of the baby with one of the toys. When I gave the baby the toy she smiled at me and kept reaching for me even though I was a stranger dressed up like a “storm trooper” she still wanted me to hold her, but I don’t think the mother dressed in her blue Burka was as willing as the baby was. All and all it was a good day Ricky brought us some potato bread, it’s like pita bread with leek and potatoes inside the bread and then deep fried. Afghan food is amazing and I don’t think I’ve found a food over here that I haven’t liked. Ricky always takes care of me and brings in food or something for me to try. He’s a great guy and I’m glad I have someone like that over here that I can get along with besides all the guys here with us.

Back to yesterday!! I was handing out several pairs of shoes that my wife sent me. Bayleigh was highly disappointed to see other kids with her shoes from 2 years ago but she will one day realize that it was a good thing. I just can’t stand seeing these kids without shoes and without something on their head when its 10 degrees outside. I was standing beside the pharmacy and watching the kids follow right along side their mother or their brothers and sisters. Looking at some of the 7 year old girls carrying their year old brother on their back walking through the snow and mud like it’s a paved road. I looked down at one maybe 6 year old girl and saw her shoes with a split down the back because she outgrew them and instead of buying a new pair they just cut the back out of them so she can continue to wear them. Ricky told me a pair of the sandals cost around .50 cents and a pair of rain boots are just a little over a $1.00..

So here is my proposition!! After many questions on what you can do so here is answer to all those questions. I know some people will be a little leery of this idea or just think its ridiculous but I want to do this for these kids and try to make as much of a difference as I can while I’m here. I’m giving Ricky $100.00 to buy 100 pairs of rain boots, different sizes and colors. Here is what I want you to do if you can and if you will. If you will send me a check money order or whatever to my address over here in Afghanistan and we will put it into our Afghan Children’s Fund for Shoes. It can be $1.00 or $20.00 or whatever you want I just want to see what we can do. People have already sent me clothes, school supplies, and a few pairs of shoes so I want to see if we can get some money into this poor country and get some shoes on these kids’ feet. I will make sure you get a receipt for tax purposes or just for proof, that’s what your money is being used for. I’m not begging or asking for hand outs for people who don’t need it but these people do need it. I wish I could let you see first hand, live and in color just what I see every time I go outside. I can just show you with pictures what I see and what we do and how tough it is to see this everyday. I mean the mortality rate is one of the highest in the world considering this is the 3rd poorest country in the World. So if I can keep a hundred kids feet dry during the winter with $100.00 than maybe I can keep half of them from losing toes or even their feet from frostbite than maybe I’ve done some good. I’m just asking for a little help from the people who read this and haven’t helped out already. I just want to make a change for as many kids as I can, and hopefully some of you feel the same out there as I do...

.50 cents = 1 pair of sandals
$1.00 = 1 pair of rain boots

Michael T. Larkin
Camp Phoenix, AF
APO, AE 09320

Make Checks Payable to:
The Afghan Children’s Fund

Or you can just send clothes and shoes you dont use anymore!!

Thanks for your help and please remember you don’t only help out these kids but you are also helping save soldiers lives.


Kathi said...

Great blog! Came here via Gazing at the Flag.

Flag Gazer said...

This story is showing up on many blogs - thank you for helping these people and giving us an opportunity to participate!

Wendy said...

I found your blog through I plan on adding the link to my blog and sending a donation your way!

Lori in OKC said...

Sent two boxes of clothes and shoes your way this week. Thanks to Marianne Bacharach for leading us to your blog. Thanks also to you for everything you and the troops are doing in Afghanistan.

SFWife said...

Check is on its way. I will also spread the word and look for shoes. Let us know what else you need. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

got a PCS coming up and a wardrobe full of old boots- hope I can help out. God bless y'all for your work there.
I hope my next rotation is to somehwere where we can help out like this.

Kelly in North Carolina said...

I have been gathering/mailing shoes. (Shipping has run about $1 per pound.)

Are checks better/easier?

With checks, There is no shipping costs, meaning more shoes can be purchased for the kids.

What is best for you guys?

Is there easy access for you to purchase shoes?

Even with all your hard work over there, Walmart is not yet around the corner! :)

God bless!

North Carolina

Harry said...

I already seen this story on many blogs. Well, I want to participate and want to donate a pair of shoes.