Saturday, January 20, 2007

Scared of your own country?

Today I helped the "S1" interview the 2 heroes from the bombing. We started with the "security guard" at the front gate. We asked him basic questions about his family and his life growing up. We learned a few thing about him that we didn’t already know or things that we weren’t too sure about, rumors we’ve heard. Well a lot of the rumors were true, he lost his wife to Taliban fighting and he loves the U.S. more than Uncle Sam himself. This guy loves his job and appreciates the U.S. Army and Soldiers more and more everyday and would do just about anything for any of us including risking his own life.

For years he drove a truck for a Soviet Trucking company and then took over as a security guard until we came in and he started working for us for free, just volunteer work and then finally we found a way to pay him and he has been here ever since. He is a great down to earth guy and I would be willing to do anything for him because we all now know he would do it for us.

As far as the Interp who saved all the lives right along with the other I would do the same for him.. When we interviewed him he was a mess, worried to death about his family’s safety and about his own. This guy is not sleeping and worried sick enough to keep himself confined to camp and not leaving until he is reassured he is safe. It’s a shame that you’re to scared to be out and about in your own country. Could you imagine confining yourself in your own little safe haven? Not getting out being too scared to step outside because of the possibility of someone hurting you. This is an honest shame and I hope all of these people that have tormented or hurt all these innocent people for year will get what’s coming to them and feel the pain that all of these other people have faced for years.

We have to escort Interps around the camp so starting tomorrow I’m gonna take this guy to breakfast and hopefully help him out with whatever he needs. I guess it’s like a form of PTSD for this guy along with the fear of the Taliban. I can’t blame him I mean the guy was a wire away from dying and now he has to live with all of that. He’s a hero and he’s scared of the title. We are also going to try and get him a Muslim Counselor or some form of Psychologist. I just can’t imagine what’s going through his head nor could I imagine what it’s like living in fear everyday. Even as soldiers we don’t fear everyday for our lives. We know it’s out there and we know something could happen at every turn of a corner. We just stick that stuff in the back of our heads and think about the good things that will keep us safe and alive, the good things we will all be back to in a few months.

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Stefanie Hopkins said...

Hey Todd- Just thought I would let you know how aborable Bayleigh's Pledge is. I bet you sure miss her. She is so cute. You are doing an awesome job raising and providing for your daughter. Keep up the great work.