Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Some excitement and some cold.

Well I guess a few of you know about the excitement we had a couple days ago. It was all over the news so I’m sure if you know me you know what happened but for those of you who don’t know or just don’t know the full story here goes. This is my news release for KXII 12..

Around 9:00 am local time (10:30pm ET Monday) a terrorist attack was thwarted by two Afghan Nationals. A suspected Taliban tried ramming the front gate of Camp Phoenix, in the Afghan Capital. The driver attempted to detonate the car bomb but was grabbed by a citizen security guard also assisted by an interpreter who works with the Oklahoma soldiers everyday. After the suspect was pulled from the vehicle the soldiers evacuated the area and called EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) and moved civilians out of the area.

After several hours of the EOD trying to determine how much explosives were actually in the vehicle. Finally the vehicle was detonated and caused several thousand dollars worth of damage but thanks to the quick thinking of two Afghan Citizens several American lives were saved along with possibly hundreds of injuries. The two Afghans are already being regarded as camp heroes and the process has already started to award them for their heroic acts.

I’ve told most of you about the civilian we have at the front gate who has been here for years and lost most of his family to the Taliban. He is a true hero and risked his own life to save people he doesn’t even know all that well. A lot of people think he shouldn’t be working the gate or that he shouldn’t even be on Phoenix but I think this will show people just how much he wants us here and just what he’s willing to do to keep us here. I personally thanked him and I’m sure if our families had the chance they would welcome him into our homes with open arms. You just don’t hear of Afghans or Iraqi’s (besides their own Army) trying to risk their lives for American’s. Well now a lot of people know that there are Afghans that want us here and know that we are here for a good cause.

So everyone is safe a little shook up but we are all good and getting back to normal for now and hoping this isn’t a sign of things to come.

(On to other things)

Last week was our first BIG HA drop with us the Air Force and a group from Camp Blackhorse. We had a trailer full of clothes and shoes and boxes from Marianne and the guys in PA. We had an ok time a little hectic but we did good and handed out a lot of stuff. There were tons of kids with sandals and shoes with no socks, which was one of the toughest things out there the 2 foot snow and then kids Bayleighs age walking around with sandals.
There was one little boy very timed, cold no jacket or sweater and wearing a pair of shoes about 3 sizes too big and no socks. I pulled him over too the side and found sweater, a jacket (a little too big but he will grow) and fixed him up with some shoes and socks and pockets full of candy and sent him off. He just kept looking at me scared but glad to be warm. I could take all the adult clothes and trade them in for kids clothes because those are the ones who need it so bad. These kids are freezing and there is not a lot that we can do about it but try and have these HA drops as much as we can and warm up every little kid out there. I know we can’t warm up every kid in Afghanistan but seeing this stuff first hand makes you want to do anything and everything you can to help them out. I couldn’t imagine Bay running around without a jacket gloves when its freezing, seeing some of these kids honestly makes you want to give them the coat off your back.

We are planning to have a few more before the winter is over so if you guys want to send anything from a few pairs of gloves, a pair of rain boots to those boxes of kids clothes you have had stored in the garage for year. Send us whatever and just ask Marianne she knows the stuff is going to a great cause and to people who really need it. Here is my address again if anyone wants to send anything for these kids.

Michael Larkin
Camp Phoenix, AF
APO, AE 09320

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