Saturday, March 31, 2007

Counting the days!

Less than a month and I will be headed home! I’m sure these next few weeks are going to be the slowest days of my life… I am ready just as ready as all the other Soldiers but holding my wife and that beautiful little girl is gonna be great. That’s all I think about just spending time with them as much as I can. If I didn’t have to go back to KXII, I wouldn’t but nothing is free so we would need money sometime... ; )

Well the last week has been busy as I’m sure the rest of my time will be just as busy so hopefully time will go by fast with us being busy. We had another Med Cap last week and treated over 600 people. I decided not to take a whole lot of pictures and instead stay outside and help with the crowds and make sure people aren’t trying to sneak back in. I did get the picture of the baby playing on the front of one of our Hummvee’s just something that caught my eye as different but cute. Anyway we have been getting in lots of school supplies and we are doing a backpack drop today for a school with over 3000 kids. They go in 2 shifts, 8am-12noon about 2000 kids go and then from 1pm-5pm there are around 1400 kids. So lots of school supplies will be handed out within the next few days.

We had lunch yesterday with some of the elders and they brought up their concern that they haven’t received this much help and support from any Army group that’s been here since the start of the War in 2001. It made me feel good that they know how much we’ve done for them and show us just how much they appreciate it. I know we will make sure our replacements do the same work and hopefully can do the same amount or more.

We also had a pretty cool guest over the last few days. One of our Lieutenants has a friend who is an International IT Coordinator for Build a Bear Workshop.

For those of you who don’t know what Build a Bear is, it’s a store usually in malls. Mainly for kids, you can pick out and design your own bear, monkey, frog whatever kind of stuffed animal you want. I have spent my fair share of money there and I believe Build a Bear has a huge Military following. I like it is because you can put a recorded voice box inside the bear and record whatever you want to say. I bought a couple for Bayleigh before I left just telling her to be a good girl or that daddy loves her very much. For just a little over 30.00 you can have a stuffed kitty cat with clothes of your choice and a voice box of your choice. It’s a pretty amazing place and just a fun 30 minutes for the family. (I should be a Build a Bear salesman!!!!)

Anyway Vadon Willis is Lieutenant Marmen’s best friend and thought he would fly to Afghanistan after he had some work to do in India. Mr. Willis is originally from Oklahoma and thought he would come and check on Oklahoma Soldiers and brought over 200 bears to give out to the Soldiers. Things like that are really what drive us, people showing us how much they appreciate us by taking their time to show us in a big way or a small way by saying thank you. Its important for people to show a little appreciation to every Soldier they can. I’ve had my share of people putting me down or telling me I’m a baby killer or just telling me what we do is wrong. I blow it off and could care less because I know there are wonderful people out there doing the same thing Mr. Willis does. So thank you to everyone who has ever shaken a Soldiers hand or told a Soldier thank you for what they do. I’ve said before we may not all agree with the War or the Politics of War but we go out and do our job like we’re told and we’re not baby killers or murderers. We are stopping terrorism and keeping the U.S.A a free and wonderful country. I really don’t think anyone in their right mind would want to live like Afghanistan has lived the last 30-40 years.

So for my weekly award this weeks Hero is 2 people well 2 people and a group of people so let’s just say a lot of people!! I can’t figure my self out either sometimes!!

1: Mr. Willis for taking his time to come by Camp Phoenix and risk his life to visit us and give out bears to the Soldiers. Thanks for the visit Mr. Willis and thanks for your time and the bears.

2: My Mom for trying her hardest to gather money for all the things I’ve been trying to do over here. She has gathered school supplies and money for shoes. She has been a huge help for my mission. Plus she’s my Mom so if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have the passions I have inside or the fight to do the things I do. Thanks for everything Mom and I know this year has been tough on you but I’ve learned a lot and helped a lot of people so thanks for everything you have done for me and these kids.

Also along with my Mom, all the people in her office at the Carter County Child Support Office in Ardmore, OK. Thanks for everything guys I’m sure Mom bugged you a lot for the money and the school supplies but know that they are going to great things.

Well another mission calling so thanks again for all the school supplies coming in!! Oh and Happy April Fools!!


Flag Gazer said...

Thank you for thanking your mom!!! That makes us old gals happy!!!!

You have done some wonderful work there - we are so proud of all of you...

Thank you doesn't seem to be enough.

Anonymous said...

Thank you son for the wonderful words! But YOU are my hero. You have made me so proud of you in so many ways.

I love you!


Charm said...

God bless you and all of the folks over there serving our country. This entry put tears in my eyes. Stay safe!