Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Governor Henry Visit

It’s been a pretty busy week but the busier we are the faster time flies... I’m getting a little spring fever to get home and be able to play outside with Bayleigh!! The weather is warming up so we have had some wonderful days here recently making everyone’s attitude a little better (including mine!!) But it has been a lot nicer around with the sun and warm weather, the Lake Murray will be mighty nice come June!!

Well we had a special guest Friday!! Governor Henry made a visit to Camp Phoenix and we were pretty happy to see him... He stopped by Phoenix for about half the day, had breakfast handed out some Oklahoma State Centennial coins, and gave out some awards. He informed me that he reads my Blog on regular bases, so I was pretty happy about that to say the least!! I took about 900 pictures and felt a little like a photographer for school pictures after the day was over. Every soldier had to have their picture taken with the Governor. That’s understandable he is a celebrity! It was a good day all in all and I’m really glad he cam over here because it shows he does worry about us and is concerned with what we are doing. He gave me an interview before he left to head back to Oklahoma, I’ve interviewed him a few times before with KXII but I think the interview he gave me yesterday was one of his best. He was very sincere about the soldiers and wanted to make sure that all of our families knew how much he appreciates them in their tough times without us. So I spent the day with The GOV!! I also found out my name was given credit under the AP News!! Thought that was pretty cool, any picture that made the news of the Governors visit was taken by yours truly!! Not bragging or anything but I take a pretty darn good picture!! LOL

Like I said earlier this has been a busy week, we helped move a ton of school supplies from an old school to one of the new ones we built. It made for a long day but we filled up 2, 5ton trucks with desks and office equipment. School will be starting within the next week so we will be having a big school supply drop. We are also looking at getting a road project for the school because it’s like a lake getting in and we don’t want the kids walking through the water to get into school. Well I guess I will wrap this up for the week and call it a day. Hope everyone is good back home!!

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Flag Gazer said...

Great pictures and great stories!

That is great that your Governor came to be supportive of all of you!

You do take great pictures!!