Friday, March 16, 2007

Letter to the Governor From Mr. Gralla of Norman, Oklahoma

I received an email from Sgt Dubb today. I was shocked when I read the email and thought I better reply to the editor.. I hope everyone else will do the same!!!

This letter to the editor appeared in the Daily Oklahoman on March 14th- pass it along and get everyone to write a response.

My response is below.."

Get back to work, governor . . . how much did Gov. Henry's trip to Iraq cost? How much did Oklahoma taxpayers pay for this trip? How many Oklahoman soldiers did the governor shake hands with? What was the dollar cost per handshake? Henry was elected and is paid to guide the state of Oklahoma. He wasn't elected and isn't paid by Oklahoma taxpayers to press the flesh and politic in international affairs in a war-torn country. Oklahoma taxpayers deserve more effect and results from the governor for their tax dollar here in Oklahoma. Henry should pay his own way and use his own time to visit Iraq. Get back to work, governor!" Shawn Gralla, Norman

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My response!!

All I can say is wow and what a strong opinionated statement! I am currently stationed in Afghanistan with the Oklahoma Army National Guard. I was right beside the Governor for his whole trip in Kabul and was amazed by how much the Soldiers loved him being here. It was an honor for every Soldier to shake his hand and be thanked personally by the Governor himself.

Its not everyday that we get to see people in Politics or people who do the talking for us back home. So when someone like Governor Henry gets to visit us and spend a day with us its an honor. As far as the cost of the trip, who cares he is the Commander and Chief of the Oklahoma Army National Guard. He is our boss and he came to check on our welfare and well being. I personally hope that Mr.Gralla's boss comes and checks on him as much as the Governor checks on us.

Its important for politicians to step outside of their bullet proof world and see what goes on in ours. Its important for the politicians to see what war were fighting and what were fighting it for. I'm sorry that people are too consumed by money to see what is going on and how important it is to make a change and see a change in a country as poor as Afghanistan. I pay my taxes and have no problem what so ever with the Governor coming to visit. I'm glad and happy that every Oklahoma Soldier fighting the War on Terror in Afghanistan was able to meet their Commander and Chief. So the Governor is working, the Governor is our boss and we elected him we pay his salary so he can come and visit his soldiers any time he wants.

As far as your view on the War Mr. Gralla, I feel for you, that you have never had the chance to see what changes can be made in a country that doesn't understand the Western Culture. I have stepped out of my Camp almost every day to the possibilities of getting shot, and what do I do it for? So my beautiful daughter can be free in our beautiful state and so she hopefully one day wont have to fight for our freedom, the freedom you have to write comments about the Governors trip to visit his Troops.

I would also personally like to invite you over to Afghanistan to see what we do and what we do to protect you...

Corporal Todd Larkin
1-180th SECFOR
Public Affairs NCO


Flag Gazer said...

Well said, my friend!!!

Wild Bill said...

Thank you very much for your service and this heartfelt post. I spend a little to much time on national news and was not aware Governor Henry had visited the troops. I have been very impressed with Governor Henry and I think very highly off him for making the effort to visit the troops.

I will post about this on my blog and I hope more soldiers like you keep reminding us of the great men and women we have fighting for our freedom. I would be honored to come to Afghanistan and meet you and tell your story first hand.

Do you know of any special programs that will help bloggers and reporters visit our troops and report what is happening from the front line? Is there someone I can contact to find out how I could make the trip to where our troops are?

SGT DUB said...

Todd, great response. I'm glad you decided to address this too. I think Wild Bill has an interesting idea, got any ideas?

Sarge Charlie said...

I'm next, I think I have tracked him down, Spanish Teacher at University of Oklahoma, I would like some conformation but he will be my next "Yellow Bellied Sapsucker Of the Week"
I could not thank you guys enough for what you do, stay safe and come on home, the assholes here are getting like they did in Vietnam, but believe me there is still a lot of popular support for what you are doing.

Sarge Charlie said...

I did a post on shawn gralla, check it out. If you think I have the wrong person tell me and I will take it down.

Flag Gazer said...

Hope you all have heard about the Gathering of Eagles this weekend - I sent you some pictures!!!

Lorie Creswell said...

I appreiate your work and your response. All of you deserve our greatest respect and gratitude. Hang in there and come home soon.

Anonymous said...

Cpo Dewey here
It is a shame that so many don't realize that a soldier gave them the freedom they have in the U.S.A.

Keep up the good work.

Rock Solid said...
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